How To Track Your Food

Hey guys, Emmi here. Today I wanted to come on and talk to you about tracking your food.

So I know that it’s important to track everything that I eat on the keto diet. Now, most people will track as they eat, right, they decide that they’re going to have bacon and eggs for breakfast. So that’s what they put in. And then if they decide to eat lunch, they put in whatever it is that they had for lunch. So if they had some turkey roll ups, they put it in. And then at dinnertime, they go back, and they put in again, whatever it is that they had for dinner.

Now, I’ve heard, and I know I’ve experienced it myself, when I first started, that at the end of the day, you’re like, Oh, well, now what do I do, I still need, you know, 10 grams of fat and no more carbs, like I can’t have any. And I’ve only got five grams of protein left. So now what do I do, I don’t know how to put this in, or you can’t have any more protein, or you can’t have any more fat. And you’ve got to try figure out what it is that you can.

So the best way that I figured out how to track my macros is every morning, I get up, and I sit down to watch the news and have a cup of coffee. While I’m sitting there. I think about what is it I’m going to eat today? What time am I going to break from my fast? And what is it that I want to eat, what I’m in the mood for? I’ve usually already got meals that I’ve prepped that are in the freezer, or things that are in the fridge. So I’m like, Well, you know, what am I going to eat today? And then I’ll sit there and I will put everything into my app, right?

I used carb manager, but I’ll sit there and I will put everything into my app and make sure that I hit my macros. And if I’m a little under on fat or a little under on protein, then I’ll take something out. And I’ll put something else in. And I always make sure that I don’t go over my carbs. But it’s just easier if I put it in at the beginning of the day instead of at the end of the day. This way. I don’t have to scramble and try to figure out what I can now add to reach my my macros for the day. Because if I’ve already eaten it, I can’t go back and take it out. Right?

So it’s just easier to sit down every morning and figure out what I’m going to eat. And then I only eat whatever it is I put into my app, right? If I’m hungry, and I’m going to eat a little earlier, then that’s fine. I’ll just start my my nightly fast right at an earlier time. But I’m not going to snack, I’m not going to eat or drink anything that I didn’t put into my app.

So I want to know how you guys track your food. What apps do you use? And what time of day do you do it? Do you do to first thing in the day? Or do you do it as you eat your meals?

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