Ketosis and Fat Adapted, What They Mean

There’s been a lot of questions about what being in ketosis and being fat adapted mean.

So, I wanted to go over what these are and hopefully it will help.

Being fat adapted and being in ketosis are two different things.

When you’re on the ketogenic diet you will get into a state of ketosis, as long as you’re eating a high fat diet consisting of healthy fats, high-quality protein and low carbohydrates.



Ketosis means your body is producing ketones for energy in order to use the fatty acids. During digestion, your body breaks down the fat into fatty acids, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Fatty acids play an important role in the body, one of which is providing energy, when glucose /sugar isn't available.


 So being in ketosis just means that your body is producing Ketones

To get to this point, just make sure you are cutting your carbs to around 20g per day, while increasing your fats and watch your protein intake. Doing this will help you reach ketosis in no time. This also happens to be the same way you become fat adapted

Being fat adapted simply means you’re able to burn your stored body fat for energy.

You will also become fuller faster during your mealtimes and stay full for longer periods of time so you can go longer between meals without feeling hungry which can help you start intermittent fasting.

In order to start burning fat, you just need to become fat adapted

However, it is possible to reach ketosis and still not be fat adapted. Most of the time this only happens when you are just starting out and switching from a carb heavy diet to one fueled by fats. Think of being in ketosis as the first step, you’re not yet benefiting from being fat adapted, but you are on your way as long as you stay on track.

When you’re just starting the Keto diet, just aim for ketosis. Once you’re in ketosis as long as you continue to consume healthy fats instead of carbs you will become fat adapted. You don’t want to dwell on these terms.

The important thing to remember from this is that if you reduce your carbs and eliminate sugar while increasing your healthy fats you will reach fat adaption.

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