My Weight Loss Journey

I’m Emmi, and I just wanted to come on today and talk about my journey in the hopes that it will inspire others on their weight loss journey

My weight loss journey has been a struggle for most of my adult life. In my early twenties my first child was born, that's when all my ups and downs with my weight got very difficult.  I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy, and to make it worse I just kept slowly gaining more. I was overweight for 6 years after he was born. One day I was finally fed up with being overweight and feeling bad about myself.I decided I was going to lose the weight. So, I drastically cut back what I was eating, to the point that my family was concerned that I was becoming anorexic. I exercised every single day and I finally managed to lose the weight. But within 6 months I was pregnant again.

This time it took me another 3 years to lose any weight. It was even harder this time than it was the last time to lose weight. But Eventually I was able to get down to 120 lbs which was still heavier than I was before my pregnancy but I was just happy that I was able to lose most of the weight. 

I still had 5 lbs I wanted to lose so I started going to the gym 4 days a week with my sister in law. Now she was losing weight like crazy but I gradually started to gain weight back. I was still eating the same and going to the gym, I knew I wasn’t pregnant. I just couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight again. 

So, I went to the doctor to find out what was going on. That’s when I was diagnosed with having hypothyroidism. After that nothing I did helped me to lose weight and to make it worse I just kept gaining weight. I felt so defeated that I stopped going to the gym or caring about what I ate. 

About 2 years later my weight had gotten so out of control that my doctor was concerned for my health that he prescribed me a weight loss pill (phentermine). By this time I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my doctor warned me that I needed to lose weight and get my sugar under control or I would end up with type 2 diabetes. 

So I tried weight watchers, I tried one of those meal replacement shakes, I even tried one of those meal services that send you prepackaged food, but nothing I did seemed to help. And in October, that year, my sugar level was so high my doctor told me I had 3 months to get it under control or he was going to officially diagnose me as a diabetic and put me on medication to lower my sugar levels.

I left his office feeling so depressed and scared I went home and cried to my husband that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to become a diabetic or get any of the health problems that come with it. My mother struggled with diabetes the last 6 years of her life, after she was diagnosed her health did nothing but deteriorate and I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps.

So that night I got on my computer determined to find something to help me lose weight and lower my sugar levels. As I was sitting there scrolling through my search results for the next thing to try while feeling horrible about myself. I came across a page talking about the Ketogenic Diet. I read all about how people were doing exactly what I wanted to do, improve their health while losing weight and lowering their sugar levels.

So, I decided to do a lot of research about it and give it a try. It sounded like it might be hard because I really loved my carbs, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I mean I’d already spent so many years trying other things. So, I went all out, I read whatever I could find online and cut out all the carbs from my diet. Every friday night I would sit down at my kitchen table with pen and paper to make my weekly meal plan and grocery list. Saturdays would be spent grocery shopping and Sundays would be spent prepping my meals for the coming week.  

But even with all that planning it was still a very difficult first couple of weeks since no one in my house was doing keto with me there was a lot of things I couldn’t get rid of and had to continue to buy so this made it very hard for me to fight any cravings I had. I mean  every time I looked in the pantry there were plenty of sugar loaded sweets that I absolutely loved. Even cooking dinner was difficult, when I would make my family things like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes I would be so tempted to take just a little nibble. This made me change the way I was doing things.  I started eating before I made dinner for the rest of the family so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat anything that I was making for them. I even decided to designate specific shelves in my pantry and cabinets for the foods that my children ate and one for the foods I ate. This way when I’m making my food I don’t have to look at any of the foods that might tempt me to cheat.

By the time my next doctor appointment came I had lost 25lbs and I was feeling so much better about myself. I was so excited to see my test results. My doctor was so amazed when he looked at my results. He told me that not only had I lowered my sugar levels so I wouldn’t need to be put on medication I had lowered them so much I wasn’t even prediabetic any more. And to both our amazement my thyroid medication now needed to be lowered as well. I left my doctors appointment feeling so happy and proud of myself, so different than the depressed and scared feeling I had after my last appointment. 

On my drive home all I could think about was how happy I was and how the keto diet had changed my life. I decided then and there that I would continue to follow the Ketogenic diet for the rest of my life. I was so happy that I wanted to tell everyone I knew about keto and how it had changed my life. Unfortunately not many people I knew were interested in keto or the benefits it could offer. 

And the people that were kept telling me how hard it sounded because they didn’t think they could give up their pizza and their soda, it was too hard to plan their meals or prep their foods, they didn’t have time to cook and no one else in the house will do keto with me. 

Eventually, my sister-in-law Kim said she would be willing to give Keto a try since she had just joined a weight loss contest with her moms group, and hadn’t had any luck with other diets & workout routines in the past. Over the next couple of weeks we talked on the phone a few times and I sent her a grocery list, recipes and meal plan ideas. She stuck with it and started seeing results. In fact, she was so happy with the results that after the weight loss contest ended, she decided to stay on the Keto diet. 

After awhile, the holidays rolled around and she had decided to take a break when she realized Keto was helping her with more than just losing weight. Kim has Crohn's disease and when she began eating sugar & carbs again, her symptoms started to flair up and cause her more problems. Also, during her break from Keto she was having a lot of jaw pain, and was taking advil almost daily for relief. After the holidays had past, she decided to go back on Keto because it helped her manage her Crohn's disease, while the weight loss was just an added bonus. Only a few days after being back on Keto she noticed that her jaw pain was gone. This connection showed her that Keto not only allowed her to lose the weight she had been carrying around since having kids, but the no sugar, low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet vastly decreased the inflammation in her body. 

I really loved helping Kim learn about the Keto Diet. I was so happy when she told me how Keto had helped her feel better that I wanted to help more people to lose weight and feel better too! 

So I decided I wanted to take what I learned that had helped me and Kim so much and use it to  help as many people as I could so they could get results from the start, without feeling so overwhelmed or having to do all the hard work of finding the recipes and creating the meal plans and shopping list so I created the From Zero To Keto System, an easy to follow done for you plan that was designed to take you from zero knowledge about keto to having everything you need to succeed on the keto diet in 21 days.

So that's how I started the keto diet I hope it's shown you there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can reach your goals.

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