Preparing to Beat Cravings During Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just, a couple weeks away I wanted to come on and share a little bit about how I’ve been preparing to beat the cravings during Thanksgiving so I don’t cheat.

I have a big family and Thanksgiving is a big deal around here so I want to be able to relax and enjoy myself while still following the ketogenic lifestyle. I want to be able to eat 3 of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, but I absolutely don’t want to cheat.

I figured I would start planning ahead and trying out new recipes for some of the more traditional dishes that we have to help get me through Thanksgiving without cheating.

My absolute favorite dish on Thanksgiving has always been my mom’s homemade stuffing so I really wanted to find a way to make stuffing that will be as close to hers as I can get while still being keto. My mom stuffing is keto friendly for the most part but since it is stuffing, which is basically just toasted bread, which definitely isn’t keto. Since I want to make stuffing, I needed to find a bread that’s keto friendly. I didn’t really think the fathead dough was going to work so I needed to find a different keto bread that was more like traditional bread. I did a lot of searching online most of the packaged keto bread doesn’t taste the greatest and there are ones that are not strict keto, which is what I follow.

It took me a while but I finally have a bread recipe for the stuffing.

The next thing I really wanted to be able to have was the green bean casserole. So, I did more research and more experimenting until I had the right recipe.

The very last thing I wanted was a dessert, this is a must have. It would be really hard to watch everyone around me eating cakes or pies and not have anything for myself.

My biggest struggle since following keto has been missing chocolate. I know everyone says that your cravings for carbs go away on keto but for me that’s not true, or mostly not true. Most of the time I’m ok, but when I’m sitting around people eating chocolate cake or something then all I think about is the fact that I miss cake and I really want it. Most days I’m ok and I can go without chocolate or dessert of any kind. But I figured since it was Thanksgiving and everyone around me would be having some kind of dessert, I really needed something I would love so I don’t give in to temptation.

After all my research and experiments I was able to come up with some delicious side dishes and a great Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie.

Now, some of you might be asking why bother, just go ahead and eat.

I mean It’s only one day it won’t kill me, right?

Well, for me it was very hard to give up carbs, the cravings were horrible, no one else in my house eats keto. There is all kinds of chocolate and donuts in my house all the time.  I especially don’t want to experience the keto flu again, that was the worst.

The most important reason of all for me is I don’t want to stop being fat adapted. I noticed early on that when I slipped up and had something I shouldn’t, it took me even longer to become fat adapted again. It’s like my body said “I’m not falling for this you’ll have sugar again, I’ll just wait.”

It’s up to you if you plan on staying keto or not during Thanksgiving. For me I’ll be staying keto.

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