Keto Lemon Breaded Fish



7 ounces fresh fish fillets

3 tbps butter

1 tbps lemon juice

¼ cup fine almond flour

1 tsp dried dill

1 tsp dried chives

1 tsp onion powder

½ tsp garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste


  1.   In a large bowl or square food storage container mix together all the dry ingredients almond flour, dill, chives, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  2.   Coat the fillets, one at a time, in the flour mix. Coat each side. Cover them well and place on a separate dish. You can do this in advance and place in the fridge until ready to cook.
  3.   In a large pan, heat half the butter and half the lemon juice over a medium-high heat. You want it hot enough to crust the flour mix but not to burn the butter or bitter the juice.
  4.   Let the fish cook for 3 minutes. Don’t let the pan dry up. Add more butter or lemon juice when necessary.
  5.   Add the rest of the butter and lemon juice into the pan and turn the fish over to cook for another 3 minutes. Make sure to let the fish soak up the lemony butter. The coating should be golden brown and the fish cooked through.
  6.   Check that the fish is done with a fork and remove from the pan. The fish will continue to cook so we want to avoid over cooking.

This makes 2 servings

Per serving: 406 Calories, 30.33g Fats, 3.55g Net Carbs, and 29.07g Protein.

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