"Nom Nom Keto! Helped me figure out which products were tasty enough to buy in bulk. There are a lot of diet products out there that claim they taste just like the real thing. After believing them, ordering them, spitting them out, looking at the package in disgust and saying, “Liar. Not even close to tasting like the real thing.”I saw this and it solved that problem. Very clever idea for people starting a new diet. I liked most of the items in the box and most of the items I was wanting to try, the rest were products I had never heard of, but really liked them."

- GroovyKati

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All snacks are individually wrapped

17 handpicked premium keto snacks

100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • This Keto box offers 17 delicious snacks needed to maintain ketosis with a perfect variety of sweet, salty & savory healthy snacks.
  • These low sugar and nutrient rich snacks are ultra low carb and packed with healthy fats to support brain function.With a focus on being truely Keto by following these guidelines:
  • No Grains
    No added sugar
    Always Low Carb!
    Malitol Free

Makes The Perfect Gift

Having trouble finding quality keto snacks? Do you want to send a delicious mix of keto friendly snacks but don’t know where to start?

Save yourself from doing endless keto snack research, all of the snacks in this box are keto certified & approved!

  • Unforgettable thank you gift for your keto colleagues
  • Get well soon gift for those on keto
  • Perfect sampler for anyone thinking about going keto
  • Perfect high protein nutrition packed snack box for military
  • Great Holiday gift for anyone on a Keto/low carb diet.


Only Top Quality Keto Snacks From Trusted Brands

This Strict Keto Box Incudes

Keto Snacks To Fit Every Taste Bud

Bunny James Strict Keto Box

This box has nutrient rich Keto foods and snacks! Great to sample and discover Keto friendly snacks from trusted brands. It is a perfect starter keto kit for anyone just getting started on the keto or Low Carb Diet. The snacks are so delicious that everyone will love it!

  • A delicious mix of sweet treats, grass fed jerky, lactose free ghee butter, mix of nuts & seeds, and all natural pork rinds to get your savory fix.

"Great selection of products. I bought this for my 9 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic. It's a great choice of products, and made her happy to have different kinds of snacks to pick from."

- Michael H.

"This box is great!!! I got the chance to try many different things that I have been curious to try. So far love them all!!!"

- Marija

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until the product in the box expires?

The products are guaranteed up to 30+ days after arrival.

Do the pictures correlate with what I will be getting in the box?

Yes you will get what is shown in the pictures.

When will my Strict keto box be delivered?

5-7 business days after purchase.

Do you ship outside the US?

No, not at this time.

If I have an issue with my box how do I reach out?

You can email our customer service team at support@catchingketones.com

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