Dairy on the Keto Diet

I want to talk about having dairy on the Keto. And some things you should keep an eye out for.

First, I want to start with Yes, you can enjoy dairy while on a keto diet! It’s always a great way to get in that extra boost of fat you need to hit your daily macros.

But it’s important to remember that not all dairy is created equal.

Some options are loaded with carbs and are highly processed while others are filled with the protein and fat you need to reach your goals.

Make sure you are only eating dairy that is keto friendly. That means it’s full fat, Organic and from grass fed cows. So, make sure you are reading labels checking nutrition facts and looking through the ingredients. Never buy pre-shredded cheese because it has an anti-caking agent in it which is usually potato starch. Which is something you don’t want.

Even though dairy can be the perfect boost to your fat macro to complete your day, it does have the possibility of ruining your macros and adding to many calories for your day. I know people say you don’t need to count calories on keto but calories are still important because if you aren’t eating at a calorie deficit you can end up gaining weight even on a keto diet.

Which is another reason to consider taking it easy on dairy for the simple fact that, it’s easy to go overboard on it.

Now sometimes even when your dairy is keto-friendly, you can still experience unwanted side effects and health problems like an upset stomach, bloating, sinus problems, acne, and even joint pain if you can’t digest it properly.

Dairy is notorious for causing a weight loss stall for some people. You can find plenty of stories online of people breaking their stall and losing weight again after removing all dairy from their diets.

If you are not losing as much as you think you should or are in the middle of a stall try taking all dairy products out of your diet for a few weeks and see if it helps jump start your weight loss.