Pure C8 Organic MCT Oil
Pure C8 Organic MCT Oil
Pure C8 Organic MCT Oil
Pure C8 Organic MCT Oil

Pure C8 Organic MCT Oil

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  • HEALTHY FATS for EVERY DIET - Do you want a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fats? MCT oil has even more MCT’s than MCT oil powder. It’s an easy way to get into ketosis and stay there-perfect for the paleo, keto, vegan, low-carb, or intermittent fasting diet. Even if you’re not on a diet, wouldn’t you still like a natural, appetite-suppressing fat that boosts your energy and mood?
  • POWER INTO YOUR DAY - Do you want the highest quality fuel for your brain and body? Intentionally Bare’s organic MCT oil is the perfect addition to your hot or cold drink in the morning to keep you feeling full for hours and enjoying sustained energy, improved mood, and a faster metabolism. It’s the fuel you need to keep you powered for hours!
  • NEUTRAL FLAVOR for VERSATILITY - Has eating healthy gotten in the way of enjoying your food? You’re in for a treat with this alternative to ketone supplements. With its neutral taste, our MCT oil can be incorporated into virtually any recipe! Try using MCT oil in homemade salad dressings, sauces, or any recipe calling for traditional oil. Add nutritious energy without sacrificing flavor.
  • QUALITY FUEL for QUALITY PERFORMANCE - Do you get lost or confused reading ingredient lists? Intentionally Bare products have nothing to hide. Our pure MCT oil is non-GMO, organic, contains no fillers or additives, and is free of maltodextrin. It’s manufactured in the USA at an FDA-regulated facility and packaged in a BPA free bottle. We provide you with just what you need and nothing more so you can be confident you’re giving your body the best fuel.
  • NO RISK GUARANTEE - At Catching Ketones and Intentionally Bare, we believe in total transparency and stand behind our products no matter what. We’re so confident that you’ll be thrilled with results of our products that we’ve backed them with a 100% hassle free return policy. Just contact us directly, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. No risk. No drama. Just happy customers.


MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) can help you get and stay in ketosis!

With your body in ketosis, you will:

  • Burn MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) as fuel instead storing them as fat
  • Enjoy increased energy levels
  • Have improved mental clarity, focus, and concentration
  • Experience fewer hunger pangs


Your body starts burning MCTs as fuel almost immediately. Taken in the morning, MCTs provide long-term, stable energy, helping you stay focused longer. Plus, you’ll avoid the crash that comes with caffeine. Since your body would rather burn ketones than glycogen, MCTs are a high-quality fuel source for your brain and your body.


Explore the benefits of MCTs for yourself!

  • Supports intermittent fasting
  • Stabilizes blood sugars
  • Provides fast, clean energy to ease your body into ketosis more quickly and easily
  • Easy to absorb
  • Speeds your metabolism to aid in weight/fat loss
  • Improves energy and mood
  • Aids in digestion

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